We heartily encourage submissions from our readers. We literally can’t do this without you. We don’t run ads, and this is a labor of love. We accept winding essays, travel stories, interviews, brief anecdotes, and flexible recipes.

What to Contribute

We want articles that inspire home cooks to try new things. If you’re excited about a particular ingredient or want to write about your own insatiable hunger, we’d love to hear about it and share it with the rest of the universe.

Each piece should say something about why you cook or what you love eating. Please make it personal. Talk to us like we’re sitting at your table.

This is not a science publication. We’re not interested in overly technical recipes, as they discourage improvisation. No research is necessary, unless you’re totally obsessed with the topic. We’re here to get our hands dirty and encourage readers to do the same. Focus on taste over measurements.

How to Contribute

Please email your submission to And thank you, thank you, thank you.